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I'm Michael, here are some things I am working on

Beta 1.0

THE TIME HAS COME. Yes, the app is complete. All the features that I want are up and running and I am super happy. I got it to become a progressive web app so now I can put it on my phone which is frankly really cool. This was a great learning experience and I loved doing gatsby.

I will continue to update this site as my life goes on, and who knows, maybe I will add some new stuff besides updates to my life.

I have to work out the kinks in regards to google and one drive embeds, but honestly, it's good enough.

I am happy with my app, and I hope I can use this experience in making more websites with gatsby.


Beta 0.8

This is it, I have a "functioning" version of my portfolio site. As mentioned before, I wrote this site entirely in gatsby.js, and for someone with experience in building traditional websites, there was a big learning curve involved. Some things are a little bit broken, but we don't talk about them, but other than that, I think this was a success. I will continue to regularly update this blog type thing, whether it is a quick post about something that I am doing, or a site-wide update pertaining to completing an engineering project, or winning a debate award.

I am currently in the process of making this gatsby site a PWA(progressive web app), but that has proven a struggle so I will go back to that once I am done with the APCSA part of the project.

In all, this was a lot of fun, and I recommend people who have some experience in web design, to have a crack at gatsby.js. At first it's going to be a big headache, but in the end, you will thank yourself in learning this valuable programming skill.


The Start of it all

Alright, so I am starting this portfolio website now and it kind of works. I am building this website using Gatsby, and it has been a real learning experience that I hope that I can use to build really high quality websites in the future. For now, I need to get a header module working so that I can link my pages that correspond to the activities that I do.

The pages that I am including now are for

  • Congressional Debating stuff
  • Things that I engineer
  • An about me page

I am hoping to add more things to this website as it grows, and it will certainly be a worthwhile learning experience

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